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  Outlook of Ibusuki city.
It is a city of rich food and presented healthfully by nature. Ibusuki city is located at the southern most tip of Satsuma peninsula and at the entrance of Kagoshima bay. It has a population of about 44,000 and is 149.01 square kilometers wide with a lot of flowers and greenery.  
You can enjoy rich foods and can be refreshed here. The east side of Ibusuki city faces Ohsumi peninsula. The north side faces Kagoshima city, which is the capital of Kagoshima Prefecture. The west side shares a border with the Minamikyusyu City, which has very wide farming fields. The south side faces to the China sea and has beautiful sights. Lake Ikeda is at the center of Ibusuki City, which is the biggest lake in Kyushu island. You can see Mt. Kaimon, which is 924 meters high and is called Satsuma Fuji in the southest area, and Nagasakibanaape with a tropical mood in the south area. Also, Chiringashima - a small island which has a sand bar, or a sand bridge,
where you can walk on to the island from the beach when the tide is low. It was elected by the Environment Ministry of Japan as one of the best 100 sights with the most beautiful fragrance. The city itself lies on the Kirishima Volcanic zone. That is why you can enjoy the sand steam baths, which are very rare in the world, and also many types of hot springs. Tosenkyo area which gets one hundred thousand tons of clear ground water daily has been elected as one of the best 100 water front areas by the Japanese government. It is also famous for Somennagasi- which is very unique way of eating cold noodles. Ibusuki city is also known as a historical place where many important archeological remains have been found, like Hashimure and Mizusako remains. The average temperature throughout the year is about 19Cー because of a warm current in the ocean. You can enjoy calm and tropical weather, that is why you can see sotetsu all over the city, and tsumabenichou which is believed to be a lucky tropical butterfly which you can only see as far north as Ibusuki.
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